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about us ABOUT USChina metal pipe fittings, flanges engineering materials such as comprehensive suppliers.

    SHANGHAI YOCHOIC PIPEFITTINGS CO.,LTD is specializing in producing and selling pressure-pipe fittings, and shares great reputation in this industry. We have a great variety of products including Butt welding fittings, Forged socket welding fittings, Forged treads fittings, Flange, etc made of the materials of Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel. Now the company covers the land area of 10 Hectares, employs the staff of 550, of which 80 are high-title and middle-title technicians; company owns 200 sets of machineries (processing equipments, forging equipments, testing equipments), the 80 large-scale radial drilling machine, 3000T hydraulic press machine, 400T open side press machine, Medium frequency induction heating furnace, Direct-reading Spectrograph, Infrared temperature controller stay the advanced position in this industry. The company has mastered the advanced technology, has built the complete system of quality control, has executed the process-control in material purchasing, specific production, final products quality testing by the special organizations. What's more, the company has built the unique early-warning system of potential problems disposal based on the experiences from production,sales and after- sales service...

hot products HOT PRODUCTSour products according to Production Standard:ANSI/ASME and Material Stanard:ASTM.
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